Cristian Avigni – Trance Energy Set

Oh, you must play this Trance Energy set brought by Cristian Avigni. From my point of view, Cristian Avigni is number 1 italian dj and no other italian dj can outplay his trance dj-ing skills and taste. So, download and enjoy this stunning Trance Energy set, that is in my “Top 10 Best Trance Sets”…
Hehe, have fun!

01) Jon The Baptist – Angel
02) Kindervater – Promo
03) Jon The Baptist – Utopia
04) Logi Wan – Live In The Now
05) Pulser – My Religion
06) Veracocha – Carte Blanche
07) Serenade – Aura
08) Peran – Wanna Have A Good Time
09) Freedom – Feel Free
10) Sandler – Theme Song
11) DJ Dean – It’s A Dream
12) Simon J. Bergher – The End Is Important
13) Spoke – You’re Ready For Me?
14) Reezy & Beezy – Struggle For Pleasure
15) Project M-Traxx – Perspex
16) Derler & Klitzing – Lift Me Up

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Cristian Avigni – Trance Energy Set

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