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Panda AntiVirus & Internet Security este una dintre cele mai longevive solutii de securitate online si offline.

Panda Internet Security 2010 este o suita de protectie care va face navigarea pe Internet foarte sigura. Fara riscul de a primi un atac cu virusi, spyware, rootkits, hackers si sa tine departe de sistemele de frauda online, care va pot lasa fara bani pe cardurile bancare.

Panda Internet Security 2010

Motorul anti-spam va tine Inbox-ul protejat de atacurile cu virusi venite pe e-mail, iar cu optiunea  Parental Control integrata in Panda Internet Security 2010, copii dvs. pot naviga pe web in conditii de siguranta.
Un feature al acestei noi versiuni de Panda, este tehnologia Collective Intelligence, care mareste semnificativ viteza de scanare si reduce consumul resurselor de sistem.

Anti-Malware Protection

Anti-Malware Engine
Automatically detects and eliminates viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, bots and other malware before they infect your computer.

– NEW! Panda USB Vaccine protects your USB drives from infection.
– IMPROVED! 80% reduced memory consumption.
– IMPROVED! Scans files in real-time and on-demand.
– IMPROVED! Scans emails before they reach your inbox, regardless of your email program.
– IMPROVED! Scans Internet traffic regardless of your browser type.
– IMPROVED! Scans Instant Messaging traffic in MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AOL.
– IMPROVED! Removes all traces of clutter left by spyware on your PC.

Advanced Proactive Protection

Technologies from Panda Security are widely recognized as the most effective against new and unknown malware.

– NEW! New detection technologies include generic signatures and remote heuristic scanning from the cloud.
– IMPROVED! Genetic Heuristic Engine combines advanced algorithms to detect new variants of the most dangerous malware families.
– IMPROVED! TruPrevent Technologies 2.0 silently analyze the behavior of programs, blocking those that try to damage your PC. This last line of defence blocks zero-day targeted attacks and terminates any malicious activity that has evaded traditional protection systems.

Personal Firewall

Protects you against Internet-borne worms and hacker attacks.

– IMPROVED! Smart auto-configuration allows good programs to run while blocking malicious ones.
– IMPROVED! Shields your PC from hackers on the Web.
– Wireless Monitor protects your wireless network from intruders.
– Intrusion prevention blocks known and unknown hacker attacks and vulnerability exploits.

Identity Theft Protection

Anti-Rootkit Technology
IMPROVED! Detects and removes silently-installed rootkits used by malware or hackers to evade traditional antivirus products. The free Panda Anti-Rootkit, used by millions of people around the world, recently won the Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine. NEW!
Anti-Phishing Filter
Recognizes fraudulent email and protects you from scams while you shop, bank or pay bills online.
Anti-Banking Trojan Engine
Detects the most dangerous identity theft malware used by cyber-criminals to steal banking credentials. Specialized heuristics and generic detection techniques ensure maximum protection for online transactions. NEW!

Safe Internet Browsing

Web Filter
IMPROVED! Lets you use the Internet safely without the risk of infections, vulnerability exploits, browser hijacking or phishing websites.By analyzing website content, links and Web reputation scores, Panda Security provides protection against all types of Web-based malware and scams. NEW!

Personal Information Filter
IMPROVED! Prevents theft from your PC of credit card numbers, social security numbers and any other personal information you define. NEW!

Anti-Spam Filter
Keeps your inbox free from junk mail. With the new spam engine detection rates are now over 97%, ensuring uninterrupted service and delivering the emails you really need. NEW!

Parental Control
Lets your children browse the Internet safely by blocking access to violent, adult, or racist content, as well as other inappropriate websites. From the solution’s control panel –and regardless of the browser type- you can assign predefined filters (child, adolescent, employee…) to users or customize filter rules according to your specific needs.

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